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The pursuit of happiness is for FREE HUMAN BEINGS ONLY

The Blackman & Woman in America have inherited the principles, traits and habits of slave and struggle finding true freedom. 

Statistic that Prove the above Point

- The Governmental Institutions of America deny Blackmen and Women equal justice under the law, yet 40million plus Black Americans remain powerless in forcing justice.

- The 40million Plus Black Americans own NO COLLECTIVE farm land to produce their own food, clothing or shelter. Therefore; they are all 100% dependent on others in producing HUMAN NEEDS for them.

How to escape - forever:

1 person/family at a time...

Step 1:

Buy Home Outright - Cash

Step 2: 

Buy Car Outright - Cash

Step 3: 

Create 3-5 Revenue Streams (6-10 for a couple)

Step 4: 

Join Agricultural Investment Group to control land that produces your food.

Step 5:

Get Married

Step 6:

Travel/ Explore your World

Step 7: 

Prepare to Teach your own children

Step 8:

Have children

Step 9:

Raise & Protect your family

Step 10:



We must provide needs for our community WITHIN the community:

- Food

- Clothing

- Shelter

- Transportation

- Communication

- Entertainment

- Education

- Jobs

- Restaurants

- Youth Programs:

    - Sports, Arts/Crafts, Science/Engineering, Sewing/Cooking, Dance

- Security/ Protection

- Spiritual Enlightening/ Truth/ Revelations/ Proper Understanding of Scripture

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